Ky support

As many of you know, the Western Kentucky area was recently hit by a devastating tornado.  The Selmaville family is hosting a community wide drop off location on Monday, December 20th from 7:30-8am.  Items can be dropped off by anyone in the lobby at this time and they will be transported down to Kentucky.  Any Selmaville student who brings items to donate will receive a candy cane upon arrival. If you have any questions about a donation item, please send a message to (618) 322-9498.

Items suggested to donate:

Baby Formula                        Toys/Books/School Supplies                        New Socks

Diapers                                        Bottled/Canned Drinks                                       New Underwear

Wipes                                             Gently Used Coats                                               Peanut Butter

Toilet Paper                             Gently Used Clothing           

Feminine Products             Non-Perishable Items (no canned items)

Personal Hygiene                Blankets (it is getting colder)

**Bolded items are of higher demand**